Long Island Center for Yoga

New to Yoga?

What should I wear to class?

Dress comfortable! It’s recommended to dress in layers as our body temperature will fluctuate throughout class. We also recommend wearing a fitted top for when you are in downward poses. We always practice barefoot – however, if you’re feet tend to get cold, we recommend investing in socks with a sticky grip on the bottom.

What should I bring?

We provide free rental mats, but we encourage you to purchase your own. Your mat is a symbol of commitment to your ongoing practice. We’ll have all the props you’ll need here at the studio, so just bring a bottle of water and get ready to relax.

Should I arrive a little early to my first class?

We recommend that you arrive 10-15 minutes before class begins. This way, you can fill out a waiver, the teacher can show you the props you’ll need for class, and you can meet the teacher. Always inform your teacher about any physical limitations or pain so that they can provide modifications for you. Once you’ve got everything you need, roll out your mat out facing the windows, and grab one of our blankets for savasana (our final pose of relaxation – where our body starts to cool down).

Can men take class?

Absolutely. In fact, over thousands of years ago when yoga was created, it was originally designed for men, and practiced only by men. Yoga is just as beneficial for women as it is for men.

Studio Etiquette

When entering a yoga studio, it is considered a sacred space and therefore we ask that you please come in respectfully and quietly. As other classes might be in session we ask to keep conversations in a quiet tone. In the studio space, set your space up and be aware to keep space available for other students around you as sometimes it does get full and we need to adjust our space. Be mindful that cell phones are off during class or to be left out in the lobby. Please return your blankets and props to their proper space and be sure to check you don’t leave your mat behind.

about the long island center for yoga:
“The Yoga Center is a tranquil and serene studio that has no mirrors to distract students from the inward focus of their practice and the moment to moment nature of yoga. Leaving our classes you will feel relaxed, uplifted and able to respond to daily life in a more peaceful and calm way.”

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